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LILLHULT USB-A to USB-micro, Dark grey, 1.5m

LILLHULT USB-A to USB-micro, Dark grey, 1.5m

R 149.00

SKU 805.275.93

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Meet your new durable USB cable! LILLHULT has a rubber head for increased flexibility and a textile cord with dense knitting to withstand everyday wear and tear. An elastic band also makes it tangle-free.

The textile surface has an extra-dense knitting to withstand everyday wear and tear and prevents the surface from unravelling or fraying.

The cable is 1.5 m, slightly longer than the standard length of the cables that usually come with phones. Practical when charging on a train or in a café.

The cable head is made of rubber for increased flexibility and functionality.

The attached elastic band acts as cable holder and keeps your cables untangled and neatly stored.

Compatible with most common and popular electronic devices.

LILLHULT cable can withstand bending up to more than 25 000 times without being damaged.

Works with devices that have a Micro-USB connection.

Supports data transmissions up to 480 Mbps.

Current: 1A.

Assembled size

  • Length: 1.50 m

Care Instructions

Unplug the charger from the power source before cleaning.

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.


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Synthetic rubber