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Parallel Imported IKEA products

The fact that our IKEA products are parallel imported has nothing to do with the authenticity of the product (it is completely genuine) but means it has been imported without the approval, or license of Inter IKEA Systems B.V (the registered owner of IKEA) and therefore no guarantee or warranty in respect of such goods will be honoured by them, however the Home Swede Home returns policy applies to all items purchased from us.

IKEA has no official franchisor or licensed supplier in South Africa at the moment and does not seem to have intentions to enter the South African market right now. This will probably change in time we hope.

We are just huge fans of IKEA products, till they do come to the country we are here to help fans like ourselves.

We go to an IKEA store and purchase at normal retail prices.
Aside from the normal IKEA retail price we incur the following other costs:
- Shipping, insurance and clearing costs
- 20% to 40% South African customs duties, depending on the item
- South African customs VAT
- Costs to purchase at the IKEA store and to pack the container
- Bank forex commissions and charges
And of course we have to make a small margin.

Still unsure about anything and not clear enough that we are not officially linked to IKEA please drop us an email at and we would love to chat.