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FAQs - Courier Charges

To all major cities our courier charges are as follows:

Order Value                                               Courier Charge
Over R2 500.00                                           Free
R2 201.00 to R2 499.00                              R240.00
R2 001.00 to R2 200.00                              R220.00
R1 801.00 to R2 000.00                              R200.00
R1 501.00 to R1 800.00                              R175.00
R1 201.00 to R1 500.00                              R150.00
R1 001.00 to R1 200.00                              R140.00
R       0.00 to R1 000.00                              R120.00

Courier costs are for all major centres serviced by our courier company, for other areas and outlaying areas an additional courier charge may be applicable and you will be charged for it prior to despatch.