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TROFAST Buying Guide

The TROFAST is a flexible storage range. Customise it to suit your requirements by first selecting the TROFAST frame and then adding the different sizes and coloured boxes.

Each frame has a number of sliding slots that the boxes slide into, and each size box takes up a different number of slot spaces in height. Frames come in White or Light white stained pine.

There are 3 sizes of boxes

  • 10 cm – takes one slot space
  • 23 cm – takes two slot spaces
  • 36 cm – takes three slot spaces

TROFAST Frame, 46x30x94cm

In this pic there are two of the 46x30x94cm frames on the left and two of the 99x44x56cm frames on the right.

Starting from the left, in the first frame there is a 36 cm box at the bottom, a 10 cm box in the middle and a 23 cm on top.

In the second frame there is a 36 cm box at the bottom, a 23 cm box in the middle and a 10 cm on top.

The 99x44x56cm frames have combinations of 23 cm boxes and 10 cm boxes.

Multiple TROFAST frames can be put next to each other to suit your space and requirements.

TROFAST Frame, 99x44x56cm

In this pic, on the left is a 99x44x56cm frame, with the first row having a 23 cm box at the bottom and a 10 cm box on top. The other two rows have three 10 cm boxes each.

Next to the unit on the right is a KALLAX 2x4 unit in White. A combination of KALLAX and TROFAST units work very well in any room.

In this pic, there is a 99x44x56cm frame, with a 2x4 KALLAX in White stained oak effect on either side. The TROFAST frame has a 23 cm box on the bottom and a 10 cm box on the top for the two side rows and a 36 cm box in the center.

TROFAST Frame, 99x44x94cm 3 step

TROFAST units have no back, so the 3 Step units can be turned in the position that best suits your look. In this pic two 3 step units are mirrored to each other and a bench space is created in the center.

In each frame, the tall section has a 36 cm box at the bottom and three 10 cm boxes on top. The middle section has two 23 cm boxes and the shortest section has a 23 cm box.

You can 'hack' your TROFAST frame by putting customizable stickers or 'contact' paper, like the black and white marble look stuck on these frames.

These 3 step frames are put next to each other in an opposite direction, and have been 'hacked' with stickers put on the TROFAST boxes and the pine units have been painted with a varnish. With the pine units you can paint them any colour you would like.

TROFAST Wall units

Just one size box fits in the wall units and they are different to the boxes that fit into the floor units. 6 boxes fit into a wall unit and are included in the combo units we sell.

In this pic there is a wall unit and a 99x44x56cm unit. The top of the floor unit is made into a play space instead of a display space. One row of the wall unit as well as the top of it is made into a display space. The boxes have also been 'hacked' with stickers.

In this pic a wall unit is placed directly above a 99x44x56cm unit.

Some Ideas & Inspiration

Two wall units combined with two 99x44x56cm units. Wall unit on left has some boxes removed to create display. Floor unit on left has combination of 23 cm boxes on the bottom and 10cm boxes on the top for all 3 rows (this is the most popular layout. Floor unit on the right has one 36 cm box in all 3 rows.

Different colour box combinations help to create a distinctive look and the tops of TROFAST units are great for display.

Label TROFAST boxes so it is easy to see what is in them. Both pics feature two of 46x30x94cm units put next to each other. First pic has three 23 cm boxes in the first frame, and one 36 cm and three 10 cm boxes in the second frame. Second pic has six 10cm boxes in each of the two frames.