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Preorder Service

All our parallel imported IKEA products are sourced directly from IKEA stores overseas and you can preorder any IKEA products that we do not stock with no minimum order value. Your order will arrive with our next shipment.

Please read everything below carefully including the FAQ's so you understand how our preorder service works and the time taken for orders to arrive.


How does it work:

Step 1: Submitting a request for a quote
Browse the products
Send us an email at With your contact details and potential delivery address
Send us the following details for each of the products you would like: IKEA item code (For example 290.672.93)
Name and colour of the item
Quantity you require
We will then email you back a quotation based on your enquiry with 24-72 hours.
Step 2: Accepting the quotation
If you are happy with the quotation, you need to confirm the order in the week before the deadline date as set above.
We require a 30% deposit on confirmation of your order and will require an email of the proof of payment (in this way we know you are committed to making your purchase)
Once our container is packed and on the high seas we will send you confirmation that your goods are in transit and we will require an additional 30% deposit.
Step 3: Shipment has arrived at our Midrand warehouse
Once the shipment has arrived at our Midrand warehouse we will notify you and you will be required to make payment for the 40% balance. Once payment is received we will despatch your goods.

FAQ's and important things to consider:

Why is Home Swede Home pricing not the same as the IKEA store?
As we mention, we are not officially linked to IKEA in any way. We go to an IKEA store and purchase at normal retail prices. Unfortunately IKEA does not supply at wholesale pricing to anyone, and at the moment does not have plans to come to South Africa.

Aside from the normal IKEA retail price we incur the following other costs:

  • When comparing the pricing to the IKEA USA website please keep in mind that in the USA unlike South Africa the price you see is not the price you pay. In South Africa there is VAT that is included in selling prices, however in the USA there is Federal and local sales tax that is added to the displayed price when you are paying at checkout. This tax of 8.5% should be considered in your comparison as when we purchase in the USA we have to pay the store at the till point  the listed selling price and the 8.5% sales tax. (You can test it by trying to checkout online on the IKEA USA website.)
  • Shipping, insurance and clearing costs.
  • Minimum of 20% to 40% South African customs duties, depending on the item.
  • South African customs VAT.
  • Costs to purchase at the IKEA store and to pack the container.
  • Bank forex commissions and charges.

And of course we have to make a small margin to cover our local running costs

Something to also consider is that the IKEA USA website pricing is for instore purchase or collection. If a delivery is required they charge extra, with us in certain instances South African courier is sometimes covered in the price.

South African courier and delivery costs
For preorders over R2500 in value, courier costs to major cities in South Africa will be included. For smaller orders and to outlying town and cities there will be an additional courier cost. All international freight charges are included in the preorder pricing. For large items that have glass and mirror parts, we may need to charge an additional cost for additional packaging required if we need to courier them to you within South Africa.

Stock of your item ordered is not available at the IKEA store we are purchasing from
We have found there is a possibility of the item you have preordered is not available at the store we are purchasing from. If this has to occur, once we are aware of this we will immediately contact you and request your banking details so we can refund your deposit paid. We will refund you within 3 working days after we receive your banking details.
Unfortunately if the store does not have the stock we cannot delay the entire shipment. We will avoid this situation as much as we can, but do not know if stores sell out on a particular product.

How long does it take for goods to arrive once you have placed your order?
It takes approximately 7-10 weeks for goods to arrive from the orders deadline date above. Why so long? The process is:
Once all the preorders are in and confirmed we prepare the total shopping list with our stock items order
We do not make the purchase over one day at the IKEA store as it raises a few eyebrows when we try to take a full container load thru the tills. It takes us 2-2.5 weeks to purchase the full order, transfer all the cash overseas and pack the container.
Thereafter it takes approximately 6 weeks to get our container onto a ship, for it to sail to Durban, offloaded in Durban, cleared thru South African customs, railed from Durban to Johannesburg and then finally delivered to our Midrand warehouse.

Are delays possible?
Unfortunately yes. Shipment delays can for example be caused by:
Bad weather and strong winds at Durban port and no ships being offloaded during this time.
"Go-slows" by Transnet staff at ports and port inefficiencies, like what is currently being experienced.
A container stop by South African customs or border police.
Delays on getting our container to a port and onto a ship as soon as our container is packed.
Delays with purchasing the full container order from an IKEA store.
During the shipment process if any major delays are experienced we will contact you and keep you updated.

For a previous container that arrived we had a random SAPS stop in Durban, it cost us two weeks for them to 'slowly' unpack and inspect the full container which was extremely frustrating for us. 

Can pricing on preorder quotations change?
If you have received a preorder quotation before the deadline date and your order confirmation, there is a pricing change risk.
This risk mainly due to one major thing; exchange rate. As we all know the ZAR is not the most stable of currencies and no one knows for sure where it is going. All things we purchase are affected by this risk.
So if you had a preorder quotation sent to you, in the last week before the deadline date above, if there has been major fluctuations in the currency from the date of your quotation we will send you a revised quotation. You then can decide whether to go ahead with the order and pay the first 30% deposit.

If I confirm my order and pay my deposit long in advance before the deadline date does this mean I would get my order sooner?
We encourage clients to confirm orders and pay deposits in the days before the deadline date. If the order is confirmed earlier and the deposit paid earlier we still would add it to our container shipment that we would finalise after the deadline date. We do not ship items individually due to the risks of damages and cost implications. 

Any further questions or queries email us: