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UPPFYLLD Grater with handle, Bright green, 30cm

UPPFYLLD Grater with handle, Bright green, 30cm

R 119.00

SKU 905.291.48

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Use this colourful grater in the kitchen for grating vegetables when cooking or on the table when your guests want to grate extra parmesan over the pasta. An easy way to add that little extra to your meal.

UPPFYLLD grater with handle is suitable both for grating cheese over food or when you want to grate carrots or other vegetables for a salad.

The grater is lightweight and easy to hold in your hand – and perfect to put on the table for that extra layer of parmesan on the pasta.

Grates effectively in both directions.

You can hold the grater with one hand and grate with the other. Either directly over your food or by leaning it on a chopping board.

Easy to store since you can hang the grater by the handle.

Soft plastic prevents the grater from gliding when you use it directly on a chopping board.

The UPPFYLLD series brings colour to your kitchen.

Assembled size

  • Length: 30 cm

Care Instructions



Handle: Reinforced polypropylene plastic

Grater: Stainless steel